As I welcome in 2017 I take time to reflect on my experiences from the year just gone. Not surprisingly I've met a huge variety of people, seen a huge variety of places and dressed venues to fit a huge variety of colours and themes. But by far the most intriguing part of the job has been encountering the staff at each venue.

Throughout 2016 I had sometimes the pleasure, sometimes the inconvenience, of meeting many venue owners and managers whom I have placed into the following categories for my own amusement and for the purpose of this blog:

The Evil Queen:
The attributes of The Evil Queen include: despising you for no reason; loathing your being there; muttering under her breath about your presence; previously unknown hearing difficulties when you ask her a question and the ability to fixate on one usually unimportant thing.
I luckily only came across one evil queen last year, who had a melt down about table runners. It was a special time and overcome by reminding myself; I only answer to bride.   

Prince Charming:
Prince (or princess) Charming is often found in but not limited to social clubs, particularly in Buckinghamshire. He charms you with offerings of beverages; he moves all the tables and chairs for you; asks you about your job and listens to your answers attentively; compliments your work even when you've just tied the most horrific chair sash and makes a 2 hour job take 4 hours. 

The Ugly Step-Sister:
Bitter does not even begin to describe this sad creature. Though not an owner or manager this treasure is usually someone who oversees the setting of the tables. They come accompanied by two terrified and sometimes hung-over teenage girls who never speak.
The ugly step sister hovers over everyone. Don't be surprised if you find yourself nose to nose with it after you've rescued a stray table crystal from the floor. They can often be heard complaining about the bride, though it's unlikely they have had any dealings with her, and display their agrogance proudly by continuing to complain about the bride, even when she, or her family and friends are in the same room. 

Bless him, he's a sweet soul but he hasn't a clue what's he's doing. He will unintentionally divulge juicy secrets about the goings on at the venue; will always set out the incorrect number of chairs (although despite apparently fully understanding 120 are required only 98 are set out); he sits on the registrar table swinging his legs watching you work while chatting away (cue juicy secrets start falling out again); and either falls over or walks into something within 30 minutes of meeting you. 

I await with anticipation to see what delights the wedding venues of 2017 will hold.

Love and happy planning
Clare (Chief Bridesmaid)