There's something about having a baby that makes a woman fearless.

I had sat on the idea of running a wedding / event decor and coordination business since 2011. I had the name picked out and everything, but kept finding reasons not to do it. It'd be too expensive to start up, what if I didn't earn enough... could I do that and a full time job..? Etc. Yawn. Etcetera.

I certainly wasn't coming at the idea without experience. With over a decade working in the theatre, putting together showcases, gala nights, drama-based corporate training activities then, later, moving into special events fundraising in the charity sector, I had the contacts,  knowledge and the creativity. So, why couldn't I take the plunge? Fear.

Fast forward to the end of 2015, my husband and I have a 9 month old son and I'm preparing to return to work in January with hellish hours just to get an extra day with our baby.

After months of living on maternity allowance, suddenly the financial burden didn't seem like such a hinderance, and frankly nothing is more terrifying than having a range of liquid substances hurled as projectiles at you from every orrifice of your child. So, farewell to fear, Backstage Bridesmaid was born.

My growth as a sole trader has been organic, with products collected slowly and methodically after researching what is popular among couples for their big day. By the end of January, I had my first booking doing a full dress shebang for an Easter Wedding and other jobs quickly started rolling in.

Since then, I've dropped down to two days a week at my "day job" while at weekends I decorate a huge variety of venues, from castles to barns, in London and the outlying Home Counties. Life could not be sweeter.

As I have the delight of meeting some incredible people and the opportunity to observe some bonkers situations, I figured it would be rude not to start blogging and sharing in our developments (and who knows? Maybe your own!) 

So here it is - A behind the scenes peek at the 'I dos' from Backstage Bridesmaid.