The combination of motherhood to a non sleeping toddler who enjoys performing midnight matinee shows of head shoulders knees and toes, along with the very early starts needed for some venue styling jobs, has left me pondering whether to order in Backstage Bridesmaid uniforms. Simply because left to my own devices I will continue to look like something from The Lord of the rings - note someTHING not someone. 

It is standard now for Saturday mornings to involve falling out of bed, downing a cup of coffee, dressing in my finest of mismatched attire with some very questionable socks and just hoping my face isn't as bad as I think it might be. I've found it's never worth while to check in a mirror at that time of the morning as it's never aesthetically pleasing and there's no time to do anything about it.

Dressing 100 chairs with covers and sashes doesn't exactly improve the situation either. My one redeeming feature, my nails, are swiftly destroyed and scattered across the venue floor around 5 chairs in. 
If I'm working with twigs in centre pieces or manzanita trees it's not long before some lovely little holes appear in whatever tragedy I've decided to throw on that morning.

So, in conclusion, I think at the very least some sort of white Backstage Bridesmaid polo shirt is required.